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This is our most frequent type of question.

  • “I need samples for my bar, when can I get them?”
  • “Can I get this now? Today!!”
  • “Canada is ready for this right now, can I help with importation???”
  • “I’m totally bored with [zero alcohol fizzy drink]. When can I get my hands on some Gaba Labs drinks?”
  • “I suffer from social anxiety, and can no longer tolerate alcohol. My social life is collapsing… help!!??”

GABA Labs flagship ingredient, Alcarelle, is in development and testing right now. Following this, it will enter regulatory and safety testing phases. We are hoping to go to market with an approved product by 2025.

And just to clarify, our goal is to develop Alcarelle as an ingredient that we make available to Drinks companies. These organisations, using their creativity and market expertise, will use the Alcarelle ingredient to create a whole new generation of drinks for their customers.

GABA Labs’ active botanical ingredients feature in drinks currently available from our colleagues at Sentia Spirits – and they seem to be well-appreciated, receiving some rave reviews (eg here and here).

(posted 01-Feb-2022)

We receive frequent investment enquiries from all around the world, and we’re keen for as many people as possible to participate. However, at this stage, the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations in the UK mean we can only engage with certain categories of investors.

Therefore, we’re keen to talk to “professional” and “high net worth” investors who can contribute to our funding goal of c£20 million, especially those who can support GABA Labs by making resources, networks or expertise available to us. Please go to our Investors’ page for further information and how to get in contact with us.

For those of you who aren’t in the two categories above, there currently isn’t another option for investment. We evaluated a crowdFunding option last year (2021) and decided that it’s not appropriate at this point.

(updated 01-Feb-2022)

Before GABA Labs is able to make Alcarelle fully available on the market, we will need to:

  • undertake our own internal development, evaluation and testing procedures
  • undergo extensive formal clinical testing under strict third party oversight and to well-defined government standards – a process that we expect to take at least three years
  • comply with all relevant regulatory procedures in place in each geographical location that we make Alcarelle available, which may involve additional safety testing

The objective of all the testing and regulatory work is to ensure that we create a safe, functional and socially beneficial product.

(posted 1-Jan-2021)

In the current phase of “development and testing”, we are working with both synthetic and plant-based compounds. We’re not able to predict at this stage what our final options might be, nor, obviously, what it might taste of. 

In any event, our goal is to market our ingredients to Drinks Companies. They’ll be the ones to produce the new beverages, and they’ll determine the taste, texture, colours, bottling and pricing as the consumer market demands.

(posted 1-Jan-2021)

“Alcosynth” is the first in a series of synthetic ingredients known as “Alcarelle”.

(posted 7-Jan-2020)

Our goal is to create ingredients that are better than alcohol and certainly not addictive – this is a crucial piece of the science that we’re working on.

The rigorous internal and formal testing processes we have to go through are designed to identify if there is potential for addiction. Any version of our product which didn’t pass these tests would be abandoned. At which point we would continue in our quest to develop the right products to meet our goal.

(posted 7-Jan-2020)

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