Two billion people worldwide consume alcoholic drinks.

GABA Labs’ mission is to become a global leader in transforming this market.

Our goal is to develop ingredients that enable drinks companies to produce ethanol-free adult social beverages that deliver all the relaxation and conviviality of alcohol.

Our flagship ingredient, known as “Alcarelle”, is a synthetic compound which is ready to begin the four years of regulatory testing needed to achieve market approval. This process requires funding of £20M.

In the meantime, we’re already making a significant impact in this new market for non-alcoholic, functional adult social drinks. In January 2021, GABA Labs launched the Social Drinks Company which has already released the first of its plant-based botanical spirits, Sentia.

We receive frequent investment enquiries from all around the world, and we’re keen for as many people as possible to participate. So, in compliance with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations in the UK, we’re looking at the following options across the four key categories of investors (links show the FCA Handbook’s criteria for each category):

CrowdFunding: this is for restricted/small/retail and sophisticated investors looking to invest smaller amounts. We’re reviewing CrowdFunding options later in 2021. Complete the first form below and we’ll keep you informed of developments.

Formal funding process: our current investment round is open (as of April 2021) for HNW (high net worth) and professional investors. Please complete the second form below to request our Investment Memorandum and begin the conversation.

Thanks very much. We look forward to working with you in the future.