Public Health

It can’t be easy, managing the fallout that alcohol brings.

So how can we, as scientists, work together with you to enable better-informed choices for consumers and society?

That empty bottle...

GABA Labs’ aim is to enable better options for adult social drinkers. Ingredients that will enable a new generation of drinks to be developed that have the positive effects of alcohol – conviviality, fun, good vibes – but without the bad.

Like alcohol, but better.

Our science team says it’s absolutely feasible. And from the consumer and social health perspective, we believe it’s highly desirable.

But what you think? We’ve seen your opinions change, particularly over the last 6 months. We asked if you thought our vision for improved public health could work:

We saw that over 2020, the naysayers (“unlikely”) reduced significantly. Also, there’s more uncertainty among those who think our vision could work. And those who feel it stands “no chance” at all remained at 0%.

Which brings us to our next question…

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Does Public Policy sufficiently encourage research into alcohol alternatives?

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Thanks very much for taking part. As we enable new choices for adult social drinkers it’s crucial for us to know how you’re feeling and thinking.