GABA Labs is hiring

GABA Labs is an ambitious, science-led organisation with a bold mission to create and bring to market a safer alternative to alcohol.

We call this product “Alcarelle”.

Alcarelle is a biomimetic compound designed to replicate the upsides of alcohol – the relaxation, the sense of conviviality – without the harms. We’ve already produced it. Now we need to take it through the regulatory processes, starting in the US, and launch it into the market.

We need some special people to make our mission a reality. The following two roles are focused on driving awareness and engagement, and catalysing a rock-solid movement of support for our new technology starting with “early adopter” communities.

GABA Labs will need citizen support to drive the policy changes needed to transform adult social drinking. We’ll create this support by engaging with special interest groups, one-by-one.

And that’ll be the job of our Communities Coordinator.

Your brief will be to investigate which groups have, prima facie, most to gain by the introduction of Alcarelle, then create an engagement plan for each of them using our organisation’s resources and supporters.

We’d expect you to identify groups such as

  • those at the receiving end of alcohol abuse – Police Chiefs, ER managers
  • groups where a single alcohol-induced error could have a massive impact – Air Traffic Controllers, Ships Captains, aircraft safety engineers
  • groups who have to pick up the pieces of families and communities adversely impacted by alcohol misuse – social workers, psychotherapists, NHS Trust managers
  • groups for whom performance unhampered by alcohol harms is crucial – sports teams managers, leader in the Armed Forces, surgeons

The Community Coordinators’s job will be to manage the engagement plan with each of these groups, and identify and understand the special set of needs of all of them. Once we understand them, we can work out how to fully harness their support for our alternative to alcohol.

Further key aspects to the role:

  • working time is flexible and could suit both a full-time or part-time person
  • location is flexible with an office/home working model, which must include you visiting our office in Hemel Hempstead at least once or twice per week
  • relevant experience matters
  • we are also looking for initiative, problem solving, positive energy, team working, and the ability to think clearly and work independently
  • finally, each of us in the organisation is genuinely motivated by, and committed to, GABA Labs’ goals – and we’d like to see that with you, too

If this role appeals to you, and you’re excited by GABA Labs’ mission, please send an email to with your CV and an explanation of why you think you’d do a great job in this role.