Why GABA Labs?

The Video

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TRANSCRIPT of the video

NARRATOR: Since life first appeared on our planet and started its long and exquisite dance, a simple amino acid has been tirelessly working within the energy systems of all living organisms, bringing harmony and order to the myriad elements of life.  

This is GABA. And if life is a symphony, then GABA is its conductor.  

GABA, of course, is in us too, overseeing the trillions of cells that make up our bodies. That’s not all. Our relationship to GABA is phenomenally intimate. The music of our moods, our capacity for love, for laughter and togetherness – all are influenced by this ancient neurotransmitter.  

GABA gives life’s song its melody.  

And without knowing we were doing so, we have long sought out foodstuffs to nourish and boost the body’s production of GABA. And for thousands of years, in all cultures across the planet, we have brewed, crafted and fermented alcoholic beverages to bio-hack the GABA system to alter our moods on a global scale, loosening our inhibitions so that we might open up and come together to build our rituals, our cultures, our civilizations. 

But an over-reliance on old technologies like alcohol does have unintended consequences. And although its melodies start out pleasantly enough, alcohol strikes out its notes with heavy and erratic hands, throwing our physical, our mental and our social systems into disarray.  

But what if we could master playing the GABA system and create new technologies to replace alcohol?  

Well, we here at GABA Labs have made it our mission to do exactly that. To apply science to alcohol and to its effects on the GABA system, bringing together a unique team of GABA specialists from around the planet under the guidance and vision of world-famous neuro-psychopharmacologist Professor David Nutt and marketing expert David Orren. 

PROF DAVID NUTT: What a lot of people don’t realise is that alcohol is really old technology. Everything else we’ve changed, but we still use a molecule which has been around for 10,000 years and I know science can make us do better. 

DAVID ORREN: Today’s generation is impatient. They’re very conscious and they want to make decisions about how they consume. And we’re here with a product and a technology that is just right. It will enable us to meet in social environments and to have a glass without damaging our bodies. And that’s very exciting. 

NARRATOR: The Holy Grail for GABA Labs has been to create a synthetic substance that mimics alcohol’s effects on the GABA system, leaving only the harmonious feelings and removing the discord. 

PROF DAVID NUTT: In here is the ingredient we call “Alcarelle”. And this is the alternative to alcohol which, when it’s gone through safety testing, we will licence out to a whole range of drinks companies so they can add it into drinks instead of alcohol. 

NARRATOR: The significance of GABA Labs’ work – to give alcohol the technological upgrade it so needs – is indeed monumental. But our vision doesn’t end here. We here at GABA Labs believe that mastery of the GABA system could lead to discoveries as far-reaching as the harnessing of electricity or the birth of the Internet. 

Locked inside GABA’s ancient instruments are the secrets to life’s music. Join us, as we lift the lid… and let the music play.